Bombs, Bodies And Islamic State Propaganda Shock Paris Terror Trial

The third week of the trial of those accused of involvement in the November 2015 massacre of 130 people in Paris came to an end with three very different reports from expert witnesses. The themes were DNA, explosions and Islamic State propaganda.

A police officer showed the court how to make a bomb.

It's not difficult, all the ingredients and equipment are easily available. "Anyone can do it," the tribunal was told. That information was greeted with nervous laughter.

It is extremely risky. So risky, in fact, that the experts at the French police explosives lab have done very little research into TATP or triacetone triperoxide, the explosive used by the November 2015 killers. It is simply too dangerous.

The police bomb squad systematically refuse to transport any object suspected of containing TATP, preferring to neutralise the notoriously unstable mixture on the spot. The best thing to do is soak it in water, since the explosive quality of triacetone triperoxide declines rapidly if the crystals become damp.

TATP was found in the unexploded suicide vest recovered from the Bataclan, in an abandoned vest recovered from a waste bin in Montrouge, and in the front half of Brahim Abdeslam's vest, which failed to detonate when he killed himself in a crowded Paris bar. Traces of the explosive were found on all the other vest fragments recovered.

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