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British Intelligence: Domestic terror cases increasingly cross borders

Domestic terror cases increasingly cross borders, FBI director says

British intelligence chief says that young neo-Nazi suspects obsessed with weapons present a “cocktail of risk” around the globe.

By Devlin Barrett

LONDON — Many domestic terrorism cases now have an international component, as would-be killers are “egging each other on” and drawing inspiration from racist or neo-Nazi attacks overseas, the head of the FBI and his British counterpart said Friday.
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FBI Director Christopher A. Wray, speaking to reporters alongside Ken McCallum, director general of the British domestic security agency MI5, said their agencies have spent decades developing tip-sharing systems to handle international terrorism cases, but that “muscle memory” is now being applied to domestic terrorism investigations.

“Travel and technology,” Wray said, “have really blurred the lines between foreign and domestic threats.”

The FBI director said the frequently cited expression of “connecting the dots” to stop a terrorist attack has taken on a new kind of urgency for many investigators because attackers can mobilize so quickly and often are not part of a large, well-established network.

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