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Convicted Islamic Terrorist Vallmoe Shqaire Held US Citizenship, Live In Country For Years

William Davis - Contributor

A Palestinian terrorist was reportedly able to gain citizenship and live in the United States for almost a decade before his conviction was uncovered.

Vallmoe Shqaire was convicted of carrying out a terrorist attack against Israel in 1988 at the request of the terrorist Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO), according to a bombshell report published by CNN Thursday, which sites records from a U.S. District Court in California.

The report states that 51-year-old Shqaire officially became a citizen in November 2008, even though his past conviction should have made him ineligible for citizenship. Shqaire was charged with illegally obtaining his American citizenship in December. (RELATED: REPORT: ISIS Gloats Over Notre Dame’s Destruction)

“By concealing his violent, terrorist conduct, defendant circumvented the procedures our immigration system depends upon,” prosecutors wrote according to CNN.

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