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HAMAS, CAIR, and the Muslim Brotherhood: The Secret Plot to Destroy America



The Secret Plot to Destroy America

By Ilana Freedman

Center for Security Policy Press


Hamas  in  the  Middle  East  has  been  a  practitioner  of  violent  Islamic  terrorism for  three decades. Its  ferocious jihad against  Israel has been  the  cause of  thousands of deaths on both sides. The presence of Hamas in  the  United States, however, has been less open and its mandate has undergone  a transformation. Its presence here, and the threat it poses to America, have been debated, disputed, and denied for decades.  

In the quest for truth, exposing the real and current threat that Hamas  poses to America is difficult at best. Even establishing the very existence of  Hamas in America is problematic, because in the United States, Hamas is a  ghost  organization,  hiding  behind  well-guarded  veils  of  secrecy,  and  protected  by  those  considered  ‘respectable’  representatives  of  the Muslim  American  community.  The  presence  of  Hamas  in  the  U.S.  is  therefore  generally  overlooked  by  the  average  American,  who  would,  no  doubt,  be  astonished  to  know  just  how  deeply  the  organization  has  infiltrated the  institutions of America’s political, societal, and government infrastructure.

Hamas’ active presence in the United States is easy to miss, but it has  been so well-documented that it is, by now, beyond question. Hamas is the  Palestinian  branch of the  jihadist  Muslim  Brotherhood in  Gaza and  its  presence in  the  U.S. is  no less  a  threat  here than is its  counterpart in the  Middle East. Only its methods are different; the threat that it poses is just as  real.  

Those who  challenge  the myth  that Hamas  does  not exist in America  are mocked and labeled as “Islamophobes” by both Muslim society and the  politically correct. For the PC population, it is easier and more comfortable  to  reject  both  empirical  evidence  and  judicial  findings,  and  choose  to believe  that  they  are  safe  in  a  country  where,  they  have  convinced  themselves,  terrorism  is  only  an  occasional  aberration and  Islamic  subversion doesn’t exist. 


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