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Iran vows to build nukes, turn New York into ‘hellish ruins’

New York Post

Iran vows to build nukes, turn New York into ‘hellish ruins’

By Joshua Rhett Miller

Iran has reportedly threatened to build nuclear warheads and warned that it has the capability to turn New York into “hellish ruins” — amid stalled efforts to reinstate a nuclear deal between the county and world powers.

Two Telegram channels with ties to the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps posted a 2-minute video Saturday that vowed to quickly start building nuclear bombs if the “US or Zionist regime make any stupid mistakes,” according to Iran International, a London-based news outlet.

The video claims secret underground facilities in Fordow, near Qom, are close to working to turn the Islamic Republic into a nuclear power — and warned that its “peaceful nuclear program” could morph into a weaponized one with ease.

“The nuclear facilities of Fordow have been built deep under mountains of Iran and are protected against trench-busting bombs and even nuclear explosion,” the video reportedly states. “All infrastructures required for nuclear breakout have been prepared in it.”

The haunting video also claims that the Islamic Republic has ballistic missiles capable of “turning New York into hellish ruins.”

Full story https://nypost.com/2022/08/01/iran-vows-to-build-nukes-turn-new-york-into-hellish-ruins/

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