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Security Forces Arrest Alleged Terrorists; East Jerusalem Clashes Rage On


The Jerusalem Post

Security Forces Arrest Alleged Terrorists; East Jerusalem Clashes Rage On

IDF enter Nablus, Karawat Bani Hassan, arrested wanted men; clashes break out between security forces and rioters in east Jerusalem.


IDF soldiers entered Nablus on Sunday evening to arrest Hamza al-Azzi, who was wanted under suspicion of taking part in terrorist activity.

At the same time, IDF soldiers and Border Police officers worked together in the village of Karawat Bani Hassan to arrest another wanted person allegedly connected to terrorist activity, as well as to confiscate terrorist funds.

Both of the people arrested were transferred for further investigation by security forces.

East Jerusalem clashes rage on

This was just as there were additional reports of violent clashes between security forces and rioters in the east Jerusalem neighborhood of Jabel Mukaber. The Palestinian Ministry of Health reported four people injured so far as a result of said clashes.

These clashes come just as Israel has reached a state of increased tension in the West Bank, with security forces having entered Jenin last Friday so as to operate against terrorist groups in the region.

Full story https://www.jpost.com/arab-israeli-conflict/article-719842

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