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Terrorism in real time


The Times of Israel

by Ruth Lieberman

I was just sitting at our dining room table, attending an academic lecture via zoom, when – SHOTS. Fired. I’m sure of it. One set of about five-six shots. And another round, five-ish seconds later. My first instinct – click my class’ zoom camera off (!) and then call upstairs to help lock up the house. Within 20 seconds of the shooting/s we were locked down and checking for information. Nothing on the news channels – well, of course, we just heard the shots, no sirens yet either. And then all hell broke loose – neighbors texting, sirens blaring, vehicles from an army base zoom past and police cars too (I’ve become somewhat of a maven on different emergency vehicles, over 2 decades of life here).

Then the news trickles in. Terror attack on the sidewalk just beyond our back walkway. On the sidewalk leading to the mall. Arab terrorist shot by Israeli civilian. But wait, my friends are still inside the mall, held in the stores til further notice because there’s news of more than one terrorist, loose. So we told the one in Fox to ask for a discount and another in the supermarket to get some coffee. Crazy?

Meanwhile I’m turning my zoom camera on and off, trying to pay attention to class, take notes like a normal person, my eyes caught outdoors on the ruckus just outside the glass doors to our backyard. And the sirens – so many.

After group texts, family texts, neighbors locked down but checking in, the event is declared over and the body count is one dead Arab Palestinian terrorist, one heroic Jewish resident from a nearby community who thankfully reacted quickly and decisively. Our mayor had this to say to the press:

Gush Etzion Regional Council Head Shlomo Ne’eman on this afternoon’s attempted terror attack near the Gush Etzion Junction, in which the terrorist was shot and killed, without any injuries to Israeli civilians or soldiers.

The attempted terror attack finished as it should. Any attempt at carrying out a terror attack in the State of Israel should end without casualties and with the terrorist dead. We thank the Gush Etzion hero, a civilian, who identified the threat and acted quickly and with determination, which brought about the necessary result.”

Full story https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/terrorism-in-real-time/

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