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US Centcom Nominee Urges 'Pragmatic' Co-Operation With Taliban In Anti-ISIS Fight


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US Centcom Nominee Urges 'Pragmatic' Co-Operation With Taliban In Anti-ISIS Fight

by Bryant Harris

President Joe Biden’s nominee to oversee US forces in the Middle East and Central Asia is floating the possibility of co-operating with the Taliban in certain instances to take out ISIS targets in Afghanistan.

Lt Gen Erik Kurilla — who is the Biden administration's pick to head US Central Command, or Centcom — raised the idea during his nomination hearing before the Senate on Tuesday.

“In my personal opinion, there are pragmatic instances where we could come together going after [ISIS-Khorasan] based on the threat to the homeland,” Lt Gen Kurilla said in response to a question from Angus King, an independent senator who votes with the Democrats.

ISIS-K has stepped up attacks against Taliban targets in the months following the US withdrawal.

Lt Gen Kurilla assessed that “over-the-horizon” counter-terrorism operations — strikes launched from another country or an aircraft carrier — in Afghanistan against ISIS and Al Qaeda targets are “difficult, but not impossible” after the US drawdown.

Mr King noted that the US has not conducted a single strike in Afghanistan since the full US military withdrawal in August.

Full story https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/us-news/2022/02/08/us-centcom-nominee-urges-pragmatic-co-operation-with-taliban-in-anti-isis-fight/


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