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Utah Paramedic ‘Baby Dog’ Left Dayjob, Flew To Ukraine To Fight Russians



Utah Paramedic ‘Baby Dog’ Left Dayjob, Flew To Ukraine To Fight Russians

Journalists were surprised to find an American fighter and medic amidst the ruins of the front lines in Ukraine. Known in her detachment as “Baby Dog,” the Utah native stood under the hot Eastern European sun donning her full military fatigue with a yellow tape attached to her left arm and shoulder, a color that represents allegiance to Ukraine.

“I wasn’t doing much at home. It was just working two jobs, pretty boring,” the 21-year-old said. Baby Dog shared she was a paramedic working two jobs back in Utah when news of the Russian assault on Ukraine broke out.

“This is a human thing. You can’t sit back and watch. It’s like sitting and watching someone kicking a dog for no reason, kicking a dog in the head. It’s crying. You don’t stop it,” she said, explaining her decision to purchase a one-way ticket to Ukraine and fight for a nation she had never been to before.

Baby Dog, whose name was not disclosed by the reporters in consideration of security risks, said she signed up through Ukraine’s International Legion of Territorial Defense. The Legion is a program launched by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s administration last February to allow foreign fighters to join the country’s Armed Forces as fighters.

Full story https://sofrep.com/news/utah-paramedic-baby-dog-left-dayjob-flew-to-ukraine-to-fight-russians/

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