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Video shows Russia moving equipment belonging to a nuclear weapons unit

Rare video shows Russia moving equipment belonging to a nuclear weapons unit

By Haley Ott

CBS News

A video shared online of a train in Russia carrying equipment belonging to a Russian military unit that handles nuclear weapons should be taken as a message to the West, a military analyst says. The video, which a U.S. official told CBS News could not be independently confirmed, shows an armored personnel carrier with a cannon attached, as well as another vehicle belonging to the unit, being transported on the train, the analyst said.

"Such videos are never released by chance. I'm 100% sure that there was a purpose behind posting or releasing such a video," Konrad Muzyka, an aerospace and defense consultant focused on Russia and Belarus, told CBS News.

Muzyka said that it was highly unusual to see a video of that particular Russian unit, the 12th main directorate of the Russian Ministry of Defense, on the internet.

"There is also this vehicle that we have seen in other 12th GUMO-related movements. Combined these two pieces of info, add the context of Putin's recent nuclear threats and this video (trust me, such videos are never published by accident), and there you go." — Konrad Muzyka

"This video of a train is a very good example of Russian strategy of trying to increase the pressure on the West and signal its — maybe not necessarily readiness — but willingness to escalate the situation," Muzyka said.

Full story https://www.cbsnews.com/news/russia-nuclear-weapons-train-video/

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