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TechDirt by Tim Cushing  See Something, Say Something (UK Edition) has arrived! In the wake of terrorist attacks, local law enforcement are urging people to report "suspicious" activities. There's a long list of things to be on the lookout for, but most notable is the call to view certain internet use as suspicious, as Joseph Cox reports.    Police in the capital have reportedly been handing out leaflets listing what authorities deem as suspicious activity, in the hope that vigilant community members can continue to provide helpful information to law enforcement. Perhaps, in a sign of how online communities play an increased role in radicalization, the leaflet specifically points to use of the dark web as a potential link to terrorism.    "Be aware of what is going on around you—of anything that strikes you as different or unusual, or anyone that you feel is acting suspiciously—it could be someone you know...
Belfast Telegram French President Emmanuel Macron's new government has presented a security bill to beef up police powers amid extremist threats in Europe. Mr Macron insists the bill discussed at a cabinet meeting will not infringe on freedoms, but rights groups fear France is heading for a permanent state of emergency. His government is seeking to extend France's existing state of emergency through until November 1, the time it will take the new security bill to pass through parliament. The current expiration date for the state of emergency is July 15. It would be the sixth extension of the measure since deadly attacks by extremists in Paris in November 2015. advertisement   The move comes days after an attacker drove a car carrying explosives into a police convoy on Paris's busy Champs-Elysees avenue, the latest of several small-scale attacks on European cities. "The threat is long-lasting," Mr Macron told several...
  RAAF sends aircraft to combat ISIS in the Philippines as Muslim extremism moves from the Middle East into Asia and becomes 'a direct threat to Australia'    Australia's intelligence-gathering P-3 Orion aircraft are going to the Philippines     The planes will help in the fight against Islamic State-affiliated terrorist groups     They will operate in the Mindanao region where four Islamist groups are fighting    Philippines President Duterte has placed the Mindanao region under martial lawBy Fiona Connor For Daily Mail Australia and Australian Associated PressAustralia's advanced intelligence-gathering P-3 Orion aircraft are heading to the Philippines to help in the fight against Islamic State-affiliated terrorist groups.Defence Minister Marise Payne on Friday confirmed two RAAF P-3 Orion aircraft will provide surveillance support to local forces.The planes will operate in the Mindanao region where four Islamist groups, including Abu Sayyaf and the Maute group, are fighting. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-4631262/RAAF-sends-aircraft-combat-ISIS-Philippines.html...

Brussels station attacker 'had ISIS sympathies'

Posted by on in Terrorism
Euronews In the end, the bomb suspect was the only casualty.But a Moroccan man who struck at Brussels’ Central Station could have harmed many more.His suitcase was packed with nails and gas bottles, officials say.The 36-year-old, not previously known for terror activities, was shot dead after rushing towards a soldier shouting “Allahu akbar“ - God is greatest, in Arabic.Prosecutors say they have found indications that he had sympathies for so-called Islamic State. Federal Prosecutor’s spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt told a news conference: “It is clear that he wanted to cause much more damage than he did. He tried to make the case explode, it caught fire. There was a small explosion first, then he moved away and the case exploded a second time. This was a stronger blast but the damage could have been a lot worse.”A security source named the dead man, identified officially only by the initials...

ISIS Losing the Battle but Winning the War

Posted by on in Terrorism
by Giulio Meotti  If ISIS is retreating in Mosul, it is rapidly advancing in Manchester. The Caliphate is winning its war in Europe. Six months ago in Britain, the rise of Jeremy Corbyn, the ultra-pacifist Labour party leader who blamed the "war on terror" for the recent attacks in Manchester and London, would have been unthinkable.As the Caliphate razed to the ground everything in its path, Europe reacted as if that were just the result of regrettable manners that should not concern her. The Islamists, however, had other plans."Why, in August 2015, did ISIS need to blow up and destroy that temple of Baalshamin? Because it was a temple where pagans before Islam came to adore mendacious idols? No, it was because that monument was venerated by contemporary Westerners, whose culture includes an educated love for 'historical monuments' and a great curiosity for the beliefs of other people and other times....
NBC News by Tom Winter, Andrew Blankstein, Kalhan Rosenblatt and Phil McCausland     An officer for Bishop International Airport in Flint, Michigan, was stabbed Wednesday in what local, state and federal law enforcement authorities were investigating as a terrorist act. According to witnesses, 52-year-old Canadian Amor Ftouhi, who first entered the United States June 16, allegedly shouted "Allahu akbar" and blamed the United States for deaths in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan before stabbing Lieutenant Jeff Neville with a large knife. Multiple senior law enforcement officials with direct knowledge of the investigation told NBC News that the suspect was not in any FBI databases prior to the incident, unlike the majority of suspects in the last several U.S. terror attacks. The FBI is leading the investigation in coordination with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Michigan State Police and other partners in Flint and Canada. The stabbing happened...

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DW On Saturday, thousands of Muslims in Cologne will take to the streets in a "March Against Terror." But Germany's largest Islamic organization, DITIB, will not be taking part. This decision has drawn strong criticism.Duisburg Moschee DITIB (picture-alliance/dpa/R. Weihrauch)Aydan Özoguz, a member of the center-left Social Democratic Party (SPD) and the German commissioner for immigration, refugees and integration, cannot hide her dismay. She has no sympathy for DITIB's decision not to take part in a Muslim anti-terror demonstration."To be frank, it is no longer understandable. I also believe that DITIB is hurting itself the most, especially its own members who, in part, find this call for action good," she said, adding that these members regard the board's decision as an affront.Muslims plan to hold a demonstration under the motto "Not with us" in the German city of Cologne on Saturday to promote peace and show that they are against Islamic...
Reuters  By David Brunnstrom | WASHINGTONThe United States wants China to become more involved in supporting the global fight against terrorism and efforts to defeat Islamic State, including in Iraq, a senior U.S. official said on Monday ahead of high-level security talks with Beijing.Susan Thornton, the U.S. acting assistant secretary of state for East Asia, said that China has taken only a limited role in counter-terrorism efforts, although it appeared to be becoming more interested."We would like to see them step up and take more responsibility," Thornton told reporters as Washington and China's diplomatic and defense chiefs prepared for a meeting in the U.S. capital on Wednesday."They have a lot of interests, for example in Iraq, and we think they should be doing to more to contribute to the efforts of the international coalition to defeat ISIS (Islamic State)," she said.Thornton said Beijing, which is not a member of the...
CBS News By Peter Martinez CBS/AP BRUSSELS -- Soldiers shot a suspect after a small explosion at the central Brussels train station, a spokeswoman for the city prosecutor's office said on Tuesday evening. Noboy else seemed to be injured and the damage was limited, Ine Van Wymersch told VRT network. It was not clear if the suspect survived. Photos posted on social media showed a small fire in the station. National newspaper La Libre Belgique quoted the Brussels prosecutor's office as saying the suspect was wearing a backpack and an explosive belt. Brussels police said via Twitter that there was "an incident with an individual at the station. The situation is under control." Grand Place, a major tourist site in the Belgian capital, was evacuated along with the station about 200 meters -- 656 feet away -- the AP reports. They asked the public to follow police instructions. Belgium's Crisis Center,...
Evening Standard by Jonathan Mitchell Counter-terror police have launched an investigation after a man was Tasered outside Parliament when he allegedly reached for a knife.Armed officers arrested a 30-year-old man outside the gates to the Palace of Westminster on Friday morning, after passers-by spotted the man and began shouting "knife, knife, knife".Although the Met Police has not declared the arrest as a terrorist incident, the force said it was "open minded as to whether terrorism was a motive".The bearded suspect, aged in his 30s, was arrested on suspicion of possession of a knife after being approached by armed officers. The arrest happened just yards from the spot where PC Keith Palmer was stabbed to death in the Westminster terror attack in March.Security has been heightened across the capital after string of terrorist attacks this year.Earlier this month, three terrorists killed eight people when they mowed down pedestrians on London Bridge...

Facebook using AI to combat terrorism

Posted by on in Terrorism
Sky News Australia Artificial intelligence is being deployed by Facebook in an effort to stop terrorists from using its website.The social media company said in a blog post that it will use AI to find and remove terrorist content before other users see it.The technology is the same as that used to block child pornography on the website but, as AI and algorithms are not yet as good as people at understanding the nuances of content and language, the website still needs human reviewers as well.One of the techniques used is image matching - comparing photos and videos uploaded by users with known terrorist images or videos.Facebook is also working on 'text-based signals' from material that has already been removed. These signals will be fed into a machine-learning system and that machine will, over time, be able to detect similar posts.The move comes after repeated calls from authorities for social...
Evening Standard by Tess de la Mare, Alexander Britton, Jason Collie One man was killed and 10 others injured after a van was driven into worshippers near Finsbury Park mosque in a suspected terrorist attack.Dozens of people had just finished prayers at the mosque when the vehicle crashed into pedestrians in Seven Sisters Road at about 12.15am on Monday.One man has been arrested and the Metropolitan Police has confirmed that one man has died and that Counter Terrorism officers are investigating the attack.Witnesses said people were also attacked by a knife-wielding man but the Met said there had been no reports of anyone suffering stab wounds.Prime Minister Theresa May said it was being treated as "a potential terrorist attack" and that she would hold a Cobra committee emergency meeting later on Monday.The nature of the attack drew immediate parallels with the London Bridge atrocity two weeks ago, in which eight...
Fox News Suspected jihadists in the West African country of Mali attacked a luxury resort popular with foreigners on the outskirts of the country's capital Sunday, killing at least two people. The assault continued into the evening and there were believed to be hostages in the luxury Campement de Kangaba resort area near Bamako Sunday. Residents living near the resort said that shots were fired and smoke could be seen in the air.   "I heard gunfire coming from the camp and I saw people running out of the tourist site," said Modibo Diarra, who lives nearby. "I learned that it was a terrorist attack." Malian soldiers succeeded in entering the site, according to Commandant Modibo Traore, a spokesman for the Malian special forces in the former French colony. "The operation is ongoing and we estimate that there are between three and four assailants," he said. As night fell, witnesses saw...
by Neeraj Chauhan | Times of India NEW DELHI: On Sunday, India will take on Pakistan in the final of the ICC Champions Trophy in London. The same day, in Valencia in Spain, it will be a contest of a different sort as the government sets about exposing Pakistan for "hoodwinking" the international community on "terror funding" and not taking any action against Jamaat-ud-Dawa and its arms when the plenary meet of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF), the international terror financing watchdog, begins.An Indian delegation headed by Enforcement Directorate chief Karnal Singh will brief the forum, where 198 member countries and the UN, IMF and World Bank will discuss ways to counter terror financing.India, according to top government sources, has prepared a detailed report on Pakistan which names the country for supporting the funding activities of banned outfits like JuD, Lashkar-e-Taiba, Jaish-e-Mohammad and others, operating freely from Pakistani soil.Not...
by HALEY NELSON - ABC 6 Ohio Homeland Security and the Department of Public Safety conducted one of their biggest drills to date. The goal was to train law enforcement to take on growing threats to our community."In its scope and nature and scale it is one of the larger ones," said Ohio Homeland Security Director Rick Zwayer.Teams from Ohio State Highway Patrol and more dealt with protesters. It's all part of a simulation. The fake protesters locked themselves to a sleeping dragon. It's a tool used often by protesters, making it difficult for officers to remove them.ADVERTISINGThe Department of Public Safety coordinated the training.There was another simulated crime scene at the Ohio Fairgrounds. Teams practiced their responses in the case of a fellow officer being shot."The tactics and means in which terrorists conduct their attacks have changed. We have to be able to adapt and change as well," said...
The Telegraphby Ben Farmer - Defense Correspondent Police arrested a record number of terrorist suspects last year, as fewer would-be Islamic State group jihadists head to the Middle East and instead decide to stay at home to plot attacks.The number of arrests for terrorism-related offenses in Great Britain jumped by nearly a fifth, with 304 people held in the year until the end of March.The figure was the highest since records began in 2001 and three quarters of the arrests were for international terrorism, almost all linked to Islamist extremism. But the number of right-wing extremists arrested also rose to a record high after a neo-Nazi group called National Action in December became the first extreme Right-wing group to be banned as a terrorist organisation.The surge in far-right extremism led to a jump in the number of white people being arrested, up from 68 to 113.The Home Office released the...
Forbes by Lee Mathews It's not often that the FBI and Department of Homeland Security call out a nation behind a team of state-sponsored hackers for their activities. When there's a looming threat of further attacks by such a group, however, the public deserves a candid warning.You may have heard about the Lazarus Group before. Its name has been in the news several times in recent years, most notably in 2014 when it's believed the Group orchestrated a year-long hack of Sony Pictures. While the Group  most frequently hacks South Korean targets, it now appears that Lazarus has been launching attacks around the globe since as far back as 2009.In a US-CERT alert issued this week, the FBI and DHS detailed the existence of malware dubbed DeltaCharlie. Its purpose: to manage a massive botnet which is capable of launching crippling DDoS attacks. According to the alert, the Lazarus Group has...

Political Terrorism

Posted by on in Terrorism
Call the Alexandria baseball shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise and others what it is. U.S. NewsBy Peter Roff | Contributing Editor for OpinionThe relative peace and quiet of an Alexandria, Virginia ballfield on a steamy but otherwise unremarkable morning was shattered by gunfire Wednesday when an Illinois man allegedly opened fire on a group of Republican lawmakers practicing for an upcoming charity baseball game.The shooter, now deceased, has been identified as 66-year-old James T. Hodgkinson, a Bernie Sanders supporter from Belleville, Ill. His social media accounts reveal him as someone intensely political and alarmed at the conservative direction the country has taken since the last election.If his motivation was political, if he was attempting to strike a blow for his cause by taking out as many Republican lawmakers at one time as possible, it would not be all that surprising. The self-described anti-Trump resistance has already stooped to violence before....
Fox News The shooting Wednesday at a congressional baseball practice prompted swift calls to ratchet down the country’s heated political rhetoric, with one Republican congressman who was at the scene saying the “hateful rhetoric” on both sides has to stop.Rep. Rodney Davis, R-Ill., specifically blamed “political rhetorical terrorism” – heated rhetoric on social media and in the news – for Wednesday’s shooting, in which House Majority Whip Steve Scalise and several others were wounded.“This is the result, I believe, of political rhetorical terrorism. That has to stop,” he told “America’s Newsroom.” According to a well-placed source, the suspect has been identified as Illinois resident James T. Hodgkinson. Davis was at bat when the shooter opened fire in Alexandria, Va. He credited Scalise’s security detail with helping prevent the attack from being a lot worse, calling the officers “true heroes.”But he said the country needs to take ratchet down the political...

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