Use of Force: The Keys to Lawful Use

Use of Force: The Keys to Lawful Use USE OF FORCE: THE KEYS TO LAWFUL USE - Police attorney and "Use of Force" expert Randy Means discusses the legal points of force escalation. Mr. Means is nationally recognized as one of the country’s foremost police legal advisors and law enforcement trainers. His work has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal and he has conducted law enforcement training classes throughout the United States. The core of this video explains the three keys to winning with use of force. Having a solid "use of force" policy and following it are just two of the many points covered.

Automatic Weapons In Law Enforcement

Automatic Weapons In Law Enforcement AUTOMATIC WEAPONS IN LAW ENFORCEMENT - A look at how some departments are gearing up to try and stay even with the new breed of criminal by adopting automatic weapons. A look back at the "L.A. Shootout" is included.

Firearms & Use of Cover

FIREARMS AND USE OF COVER FIREARMS AND USE OF COVER - Demonstrations of techniques for survival when under fire. Individual and partner drills are demonstrated. Emphasis on proper use of cover. All training drills include live fire.

Less Lethal Force Option/Sl-6 Multi Role Projectile Launcher

Less Lethal Force Option/Sl-6 Multi Role Projectile Launcher "LESS LETHAL" FORCE OPTION/SL-6 MULTI ROLE PROJECTILE LAUNCHER - Demonstration of a weapon that is in a growing trend in law enforcement - less lethal force. This projectile launcher has become a staple in many departments force protocol. It can fire a multitude of less lethal rounds. All are demonstrated in this tape.

Line Officer Tactical Shotgun

Line Officer Tactical Shotgun LINE OFFICER TACTICAL SHOTGUN - Virtually every patrol car in the country is outfitted with a shotgun. Most are seldom if ever used. This multimedia training deals with the shotgun as an extremely accurate, useful tool. Specialty rounds such as beanbag and OC are demonstrated

Survival Shooting Part 2 - Lock-Up, Stance & Grip

Survival Shooting Part 2 - Lock-Up, Stance & Grip SURVIVAL SHOOTING PART 2 - LOCK-UP, STANCE AND GRIP - Part two of this series deals with multiple elements involved in this survival shooting method. This multimedia training is a hands on demonstration of how the Lock-Up, Stance and Grip must come together as one for successful survival shooting.

Team Shooting, Contact & Cover

Team Shooting, Contact & Cover TEAM SHOOTING, CONTACT AND COVER - Live fire demonstrations of low light shooting, moving targets and team shooting. Urban setting shooting and proper use of verbal commands are explored.

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Part 2

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Part 2 BIO-TERRORISM/ANTHRAX PART 2 More information on biological warfare and attacks. In part 2, the emphasis is on having a plan. How to spread information, evacuation, immunization, etc. It is critical that all public agencies work together on a plan.

Vehicle Searches

Vehicle Searches VEHICLE SEARCHES - Drug enforcement experts from South Florida and the Midwest demonstrate how to check a vehicle for drugs, weapons, etc. Emphasis on thoroughness and officer safety.

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Part 1

Bio-Terrorism/Anthrax Part 1 BIO-TERRORISM/ANTHRAX PART 1 - An overview of weapons of mass destruction with an emphasis on Anthrax. Our expert gives his views on the possibility of future attacks and what weapons and chemicals are likely to be used.

Deadly Force Issues

Deadly Force Issues DEADLY FORCE ISSUES - Trains in the courts working definition of deadly force. Profiles an officer involved in multiple fatal shootings. Learn the ways to deal with the stress that almost always follows the use of lethal force.

Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques

Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques Close Quarter Cuffing Techniques By it's very nature, cuffing in a corrections facility is almost always done in close quarters. Both basic and advanced techniques are demonstrated in this multimedia training.