HSN Webinars

FREE Webinar: Preview on 9th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference

This Homeland Security Network Webinar is an exciting preview of 3 of the 10 speakers that will be at this year’s 9th annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference. 

Taking place at the Florida Hotel and Conference Center in Orlando on November 4th, 5th and 6th 2014. 

This years topic is “Better Tools for mitigating Terrorism and High Risk Crime”. Henry Morgenstern of SSI will be providing an introduction and overview of the three speakers being presented in the Webinar; Stephen Brooks, Robert McCreight, and Mike Roche. Listed below are the topics of discussion.

• Henry Morgenstern – Developments in Counter Terrorism and our ability to confront the ISIS threat

• Robert McCreight - Future threats

• Matthew Robinson - Confronted by a Suicide Bomber in Afghanistan

• Mike Roche - Conducting Behavioral Threat Assessments of Mass Killers

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