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FREE Webinar 12/16/2014 at 2:00PM: MACTAC

The Best and Most effective response for you - MACTAC

Multiple-Assault Counter Terrorism Action Capability (MACTAC) is the new tactical philosophy offering extreme flexibility to your department's or agency’s response to any Active Shooter situation. MACTAC is a scalable response to the full spectrum of Active Shooter events and allows department leaders the confidence of relying on experts to design your response while maintaining the ability to respond to additional attacks. MACTAC Officers Course builds on what your officers already know: established Active Shooter Tactics. This advanced program trains the First Responder and the First Responding Supervisory personnel in the ability to act rapidly and significantly and makes your personnel proficient in working in a Contact Team and familiar with Squad concepts. Join SSI™ in a free webinar that will explain the concept behind it by one of the creators of this program that has become the national standard from coast to coast.

You will learn:

• Importance of speed, surprise and violence of action
• The Four A’s
• Fix – Flank and Finish Tactics
• How MACTAC event differs from a traditional active shooter
• Use of Force Polices and SOP’s
• And much more!

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