pvbPVB: The PVB - Portable Vehicle Barrier is a light-weight, fully portable barrier for stopping a vehicle. A unique (patent pending) design utilizes the forward movement of the vehicle and transforms the barrier into a cantilever that "digs" into the road surface and stops the vehicle dead in its tracks. User friendly, the PVB can be stored in a vehicle or a small storage room and deployed by a single person quickly. The L shaped PVB can be deployed as a single row or in multiple rows to stop a very large vehicle. Additionally, there is a wheel attachment capability that can be added allowing the system to be moved easily once deployed. www.ssipvb.com

Rapid Assault Plate Carrier (V-RAPC1)

V-RAC1-CT-FrontRapid Assault Plate Carrier (V-RAPC1): The Tacprogear Rapid Assault plate Carrier was designed to provide maximum protection and agility for law enforcement, military and private security operators. Capable of holding a standard 10” x 12” ballistic plate in the smallest possible configuration, this lightweight durable 1000D nylon carrier has an internal pocket with ambidextrous zipper access from the left or the right side. With front and back MOLLE, reinforced drag handle, padded shoulders, comfort and durability. The V-RAPC1 is available in a universal size in black, OD green and coyote tan. www.tacprogear.com

Kerm-Lock URA

KERM-LOCK_3Kerm-Lock URA: This mount is designed for the standard non railed hand guard on AR-15/M-4 style rifles. The Kerm-Lock attaches in seconds and provides a solid platform for attaching flashlights or other common rail mounted accessories. When used with a flashlight, the URA is configured to illuminate the front sight and the target down range. Many personnel are unable to modify their rifles due to agency policies, limiting vehicle racks, etc. This mount allows the attachment of an accessory during deployment and removal upon completion of the operation.www.836technologies.com

The Hero

903400_HeroThe Hero: This reusable marking tool is manufactured by CEJAY Engineering. It is intended for use in operations and training, and can be used as a distraction device employing multi-directional bright light flashes and a 130dB tone. It is compact, rugged, and able to withstand deployment from aircraft and moving vehicles. When activated, the Hero first emits a constant sound and rapid light flashes for maximum affect. After 60 sec, Hero begins emitting a single light flash per second and constant beeping sound for ease in location and recovery. www.Adamsindustries.com


Sprositive_DriveMATTRACKS:  75 different rubber track conversion systems for a 4x4 ATVs, UTVs, SUVs, trucks, tractors and specialty vehicles. Mattracks LiteFoot is intended for year round use in mud, sand, snow, swamp, rough terrain or down the road. The Sprositive Drive System has been specially designed to compensate for the miss match ratios on ATVs and UTVs using overrunning front differentials. By eliminating the slack in the front sprockets pitch and changing the pitch ration in the rain, the Sprositive Drive is designed to allow your vehicle to stay locked in 4WD and helps tracks pulling at the same speed. www.mattracks.com

Energizer Tactical Tango

Law_Enforcement_Compact_LightEnergizer Tactical Tango – LE:  The Energizer Hard case Tactical tango light has two visible LEDs – high intensity white and blue with eight separate intensity configurations. It has integrated IR and IFF with a lockout switch and omni-directional beacon capability. It rotates 360* in 18* increments and locks in place. It includes mounts for either side of a helmet or on a MOLLE system. It does not protrude below the rim of a helmet and is waterproof. www.hardcasetactical.com