Here are 10 Reasons to become a member of the HOMELAND SECURITY NETWORK today:

 001_21Up-to-the minute news: hand selected, accompanied by the analysis of a 27 year veteran of Homeland Security – every week!

 001_21Blogs from such veterans as: Claire Rubin – 32 years in emergency response, Steve Emerson’s IPT constantly investigating Jihadist in this country, Eeben Barlow, an International expert and Counter Terrorist magazine contributor for Military and Security, News for Fire and Rescue, Lina Kolesnikova bringing European Homeland Security into perspective, Chuck Lanza on current topics and more than we can mention – all in one place.

 001_21Training available from: the best sources such as Security Solutions International, Emergency Film group, Law enforcement DVD training and lots of this for Free – available all in the same place.

 001_21Products and Technologies to help you do your job - product reviews, innovative products advertised on the site

 001_21Network with your peers informally 3000 members and growing daily at an awesome rate, makes the Homeland Security Network the place to be heard amongst your peers and be confident that EVERYONE has been vetted by hand and approved by the HSN committee. No automatic sign ups here.

 001_21Attend the industry standard webinars: sponsored by HSN and attended by up to 1000 professionals. If you can’t make it live, then login and view the webinars at your leisure.

 001_21Biggest concentration of reports: outside the DHS! We have reports on every conceivable subject in one place so that if you are doing research on the latest in Homeland Security you can be confident you will find what you are looking for here.

 001_21Encouraged participation in groups and discussions: we have prizes for participation that exceed $10,000 in value; weekly raffles; free giveaways, groupon-style offers from manufacturers and much more for you just for taking part.

 001_21Subscription to the Counter Terrorist magazine completely free, a $40.00 value delivered to your door with articles for Homeland Security by Homeland Security – no journalists at the Counter Terrorist just hands-on people that do the job!

001_21BEST OF ALL This is completely free.

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In order to become a member, please send the following information to us by clicking submit. A HSN representative will verify that you are a bona fide member of an agency entitled to receive the network within 48 hours. You will then be sent an email to a link where you will be able to submit your information. Information will never be used except to contact you about the network.


Please refrain from inviting anyone NOT INVOLVED in Homeland Security because their application will be turned down. Information from forums, news, intelligence and tactical forums should not be shared or distributed in any shape or form except through this network.

Please read the Terms and Conditions here.



We offer incentives to use your network and communicate more with your colleagues across the country. Every time you start a group, send a mail, contribute to a discussion you get points. Decide for yourself whether to build up points and get one of the top rewards or obtain smaller rewards. Your profile will display the points you are building up. Here are some examples of the point system

  • Create a new group3 points
  • Create a new discussion2 points
  • Approve a friend request1 point
  • Upload your photo to your profile1 point

Adding albums, joining groups, update profile, - all these and many more activities get you points…

Remember, that this is a secure network. Every member is vetted by hand, cross checked with his/her agency, confirmed and verified with you directly (just in case). We will never allow information to be sold to anyone. That’s a guarantee.

For detailed information about each reward click "Here is what you can get!"

Communication is power!