Responsible Use of Lethal Force


Responsible Use of Lethal Force presents a thorough and detailed outline of the appropriate use of all levels of force, including deadly force, and the defensive use of firearms.  Learn when to draw and challenge, when to shoot and when not to shoot in this vital training program.  Every gun owner needs this knowledge!

In this DVD you will...

-  Discover levels of responding force and how to tell which
may be appropiate in different situations
-  Learn when deadly force can be used and when it can't
-  Understand the perils of force escalation
-  Realize how reengagements and pursuit can mean jail
-  Uncover appropriate elements to justify use of lethal force
-  See how disparity of force can change the dynamic of
a fight and what you can do about it
-  Discover what the castle doctrine means to you
-  Learn the potential consequences of using a firearm
-  Discover the reality of coming to the defense of a third
party and what you NEED to know about the altercation
- Find the best way to locate a qualified attorney
- Learn what to do and what not to do after an incident
- BONUS - Put your knowledge to the test with
Shoot/No Shoot Scenario Samplers
-  Much, Much More!

Packed with 1hr 45min of crucial information