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FPI Analysis: What U.S. Officials Said on Iran, What We Know Now


    Over the past three years, the Obama administration has delineated the criteria that any final nuclear agreement between the P5+1 and Iran must meet. In speeches, congressional testimony, press conferences, and media interviews, administration officials have also articulated their expectations from Tehran with repeated declarations: “No deal is better than a bad deal.” This FPI Analysis, which updates an earlier publication from January 2015, compiles many of the administration’s own statements on nuclear negotiations with Iran over the past three years, and compares them with current U.S. positions. It also examines U.S. statements on a range of other issues related to U.S. policy toward Tehran, and assesses whether subsequent events have validated them.   CONTENTS I. Requirements for a Good Deal II. Dismantling Sanctions III. Iran's Ballistic Missile and Terrorist Threats IV. U.S. Credibility and the Role of Congress       I. REQUIREMENTS FOR A GOOD DEAL  ...

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Hook a brother up and you can win a MACBOOK PRO at our Conference!


                 Hook a brother up and you can win a MACBOOK PRO at our Conference! We will have the very best speakers in Homeland Security at our 10th Annual Homeland Security Professionals Conference, November 3-4th in Orlando Florida. We know this is important to you as a First Responder. This year's theme is "The State of our Counter Terrorism".   Now, with budget cuts for Police Training, First Responders and the anti-Police sentiment, it feels to us as though this is a policy that needs to be reversed. Our Nation’s First Responders are required more than ever. The FBI says attacks by ISIS inspired Islamists are on their way. And yet it feels as though the only increase in budgets is for the Muslim Brotherhood.      If you feel like we do, get this mail (see below) out to at least 50 of your friends and ask them to do...

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It’s the Chicken watching the Fox when it comes to the Obama administrations negotiations with IRAN

By Henry Morgenstern- Homeland Security Network. Yesterday’s speech by Benjamin Netanyahu served to reinforce what we all know – Iran cannot be trusted. Netanyahu’s insistence that they need the deal more than the US does and that the US should leave the table until they comply.  That just like in a Persian Bazaar if  you walk out of the store while haggling you will get a better deal ( Iranians/Persians invented haggling in their bazaars) and all who have been to the Middle East know this but no-one in Washington seems to, least of all the woman entrusted with these most dangerous talks. We have not asked if we can trust our own US administrators with such a perilous negotiation that could lead to a Global war if botched. Put aside the legacy issue of a lame duck President, trying with all his power to circumvent the big majority his opponents...

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