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Cause To Fear A Taliban Victory In Afghanistan


Asia Times

Cause To Fear A Taliban Victory In Afghanistan

Taliban claims it has won and US has lost the war but the formation of a new Islamic state in Kabul could destabilize the wider region

by Salman Rafi Sheikh

With a US troop withdrawal set for September and a national peace deal nowhere in sight, Afghanistan’s Taliban is claiming victory in its long war to retake power in Kabul.

Taliban leader Haji Hekmat told the BBC soon after US President Joe Biden announced this month that he would bring home all American troops in Afghanistan by September 11 that “we have won the war and America has lost.”  

The hardline leader made it clear what a Taliban victory would look like for those who favor the country’s current secular, democratic system. “We want an Islamic government ruled by the sharia. We will continue our jihad until they accept our demands,” Hekmat said.

The Taliban’s declaration of victory means it no longer views itself as a mere rebel outfit fighting for a fundamental shift in Afghanistan’s existing US-backed system of government led by President Ashraf Ghani.

Rather, the Taliban now clearly sees itself as a government-in-waiting with hard-line plans to replace what it sees as a “rotten” and “un-Islamic” system of governance imported from the West and with an Islamic emirate.

The Taliban’s recently released governance manifesto openly rejects democracy and calls for an “Islamic system [that] has been described and its principles stated and compiled in the Koran, Ahadeeth and in Islamic jurisprudence.”

“We want an Islamic system where our territorial integrity is secured and where our country is purified from foreign forces and their ideologies, as well as any trace of Western legal systems. We desire an Islamic system that protects our religious values, national interests, culture and traditions,” the manifesto states. 

Full story https://asiatimes.com/2021/04/cause-to-fear-a-taliban-victory-in-afghanistan/

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