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Experts Say Africa is The New Ground Zero For Jihadi Terror Groups


Fox News

Africa: The New Ground Zero For Jihadi Terror Groups, Experts Say

By Paul Tilsley

JOHANNESBURG, South Africa – Africa has been beset by jihadi violence, and it is something the U.S. will need to pay close attention to, observers warn.

On Sunday, a U.S. airstrike killed two al-Shabab terrorists in response to an attack carried out against U.S. partner forces in Somalia.

"The Islamic Jihad in Africa is real," claims Jasmine Opperman, South Africa based security consultant specializing in extremism and political violence, who believes Africa has taken over from the Middle East as the jihadis main area of operations.

"It definitely is the case", Opperman told Fox News Digital. "If one looks at the history of Africa, I'm going into Mali and the West Africa region, Somalia, the East Africa region, the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Mozambique, we are seeing that al-Qaeda has always had an entrenched presence in Africa. We are seeing an environment conducive for these international terror groups to find themselves, embed themselves and take the lead in extremist activities in all of these regions."

Earlier this month, Nigeria's most secure prison was overrun by jihadis, even though the Nigerian Minister of the Interior Rauf Aregbesola said Kuje Prison is a world-class facility and "the most fortified in the country".

Full story https://www.foxnews.com/world/africa-new-ground-zero-jihadi-terror-groups-experts

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