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Sutherland man arrested on Christmas Eve over alleged terror attack plans


The Sydney Morning Herald

Sutherland man arrested on Christmas Eve over alleged terror attack plans

By Sally Rawsthorne

Counter-terror police say that alleged aspiring jihadist Daniel Greenfield was allegedly well into planning a terror attack when they arrested him in Sutherland on Christmas Eve.

The 34-year-old had planned to attack police officers, government officials and other Muslims that he deemed insufficiently devout, Detective Superintendent Michael Sheehy told reporters on Friday morning.

"This individual is [allegedly] posting a significant amount of material about bombings and manufacturing explosives,” Det Supt Sheehy said.

“We will suggest he was planning to commit a terrorist attack that would be an act of violence against law enforcement.

“We are at the point where through the potential rapid escalation we needed to act now to ensure the safety of the community.”

Police raided Mr Greenfield’s home on the Kingsway on Friday, arresting him as he left his house early in the morning.

Full story https://www.smh.com.au/national/nsw/sutherland-man-arrested-over-alleged-isis-propaganda-on-christmas-eve-20211224-p59jz5.html

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