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Terrorist Prisoners 'Study Psychology To Fool Rehab Professionals'


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Terrorist Prisoners 'Study Psychology To Fool Rehab Professionals'

by Nicky Harley

Terrorist prisoners across Europe, such as London Bridge attacker Usman Khan, are hiding in plain sight and deceiving deradicalisation professionals, a study has found.

The Counter Extremism Project think tank is calling for “significant improvements” in rehabilitation schemes after it found some terrorists were studying psychology to bluff professionals into believing they no longer pose a threat.

In its study released on Tuesday, the think tank makes 13 recommendations for dealing with extremist prisoners, including the use of lie detectors, and is calling on European nations to follow the UK in ending automatic early release for prisoners convicted of terrorism.

It advises that extremists should have limited contact with each other in prison to avoid them exploiting the system.

Report author, Ian Acheson, recommends creating a unified team with permanent overall responsibility for offenders to prevent dangerous extremists from "falling through the net".

"One unified, multidisciplinary team with executive authority would better ensure coherence and continuity in offender risk management, thereby reducing handovers and rationalizing the dangerous sprawl of the terrorist offender threat response," it says.

Full story https://www.thenationalnews.com/world/uk-news/2021/11/09/terrorist-prisoners-study-psychology-to-fool-rehab-professionals/

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