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With seven arrests in the last few weeks of ISIS inspired Jihadists, and with grave concerns from Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson about the July 4th Holiday, it took the New York Times just minutes to use the tragic deaths in Charleston to trumpet “Homegrown Extremists Tied to Deadlier Toll than Jihadists in the US since 9/11.”

Really?  They seem to have had this one in their drawer, ready to go, perhaps since Obama’s “Extremist violence” conference back in February.  Ready for some nut to kill innocent people. Are they really ready to stoop this low to serve as the mouthpiece for the protect Radical Islam party that now governs us?

It appears they are. They found some second rate academics  named Kurzman and Schanzer who did some research asking 382 police and sheriff’s departments to rank the 3 biggest threats from “Violent Extremism – there goes that euphemism again. Surprise, surprise – they said that right-wing violent extremists are the biggest threat.

Let’s put that in some perspective: since 9/11 there have been 26,236 acts of Terrorism by Islamists with about 13,000 people killed throughout the world as compared to 48 killed in the USA by non-Islamic murderers ( usually insane )but easily classified for the purposes of this cheer leading article into a “real threat” . According to the New York Times our fear of these Jihadists is just outsize fear that relates to 9/11 but in reality there have only been 26 killed in the USA – not to mention the convenient classification of 13 murdered by a Muslim shouting Alu Ahkbar as workplace violence – God bless the memory of those killed at Fort Hood.

I’ve got some news for the New York Times and their imaginary threats ideas. In the last 11 days of Ramadan alone there have been 111 terror attacks, 21 suicide bombings, 1065 dead bodies and 1275 wounded! Three deadly attacks in Tunisia, Kuwait and France.

And there might have been as many here dead and wounded if it weren’t for the fact that our forces are very good at catching them even if  they are actively discouraged from finding Islamic Radicals and have been told to concentrate on Right Wing extremists by, who else, the Justice Department. How do I know this?

I was called recently by two officers whose jurisdictions will remain unnamed. They asked me for help. What could I possibly do? “If we were to say that we have suspicions about members of a mosque in our area and our suspicions are that they may be planning an attack, we could be severely reprimanded,” they stated.

 “Go to the JTTF and tell them”, I said. “We can’t go to them. We will be out on patrol again.” They wanted my help in identifying people in the JTTF that don’t buy the violent Right wing extremist story where they would feel safe to speak!  So these two great cops were specifically told to ignore the threat from Radical Islam.  They were told that the real threat is from right-wing extremists. And that’s the reason the two shoddy academics got the message from the Police and Sheriffs – we are not allowed to investigate Muslims unless there is hard core evidence.

How far are we willing to go to protect the Religion of Peace? How far will we be endangering our citizenry so that the Iranians are not offended and stay at the negotiating table? Thankfully, there are those that still hunt down this menace despite being encouraged not to look for it. We have seen a guy called Khan who was convicted while living Portland Oregon of financing a suicide bomber that killed 30 at a Pakistani school; Two New York City women who wanted to copy the Boston bombers arrested last week in Queens. Abdullah Rahim drew a knife and attacked police officers because he was being watched, and many others that were willing to help him were arrested otherwise several officers could have been headed in Boston. Despite the “protect the Jihadist policies” there have been arrests galore and not to mention two terrorists that might have caused a massacre, killed at the Garland Texas Draw Mohammed event.


How long will it be before we stop blowing smoke and using mirrors to prove an ideological point about the “Religion of Peace”?  Praying for all of you to have a safe and wonderful 4th of July. 

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