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Ukraine Unleashes ‘Bonus’ Weapon that Vaporizes Multiple Tanks

The Telegraph

Ukraine unleashes ‘Bonus’ weapon that can destroy two tanks in a single shot

Kyiv’s troops fire new munitions, likely from France, that uses thermal mapping to seek out and strike Russian targets


Ukraine has started using new high-tech artillery shells capable of destroying two tanks in a single shot from up to 20 miles away, imagery from the battlefield has shown.

Russian sources have shared photos online showing what appeared to be a 155mm (6.1in) Bonus projectile, likely supplied by France to be fired by the Cesar self-propelled howitzers it also sent to Ukraine.

The “Tankers U” channel, run by Russian tank operators, shared an image, believed to be the first, showing an unexploded submunition recovered by Russian troops in the eastern Donetsk region.

Each Bonus shell contains two such submunitions, which feature fold-out wings and advanced sensors.

Once fired, the two submunitions are deployed high above a target area, with each searching the ground below for targets.

Full story https://www.telegraph.co.uk/world-news/2023/01/05/ukraine-unleashes-bonus-weapon-can-destroy-two-tanks-single/


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