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World order on verge of cliff - first Israeli national intel assessment



The Jerusalem Post

World order on verge of cliff - first Israeli national intel assessment

The Intelligence Ministry on Monday unveiled the country’s first-ever national intelligence estimate report on Monday.


The world is at a transition point analogous to being on the verge of a cliff, after which a series of crises striking simultaneously will reorder the planet’s geopolitics, the place of technology, the economic order and a variety of other disciplines from health to energy, according to Israel’s first government national intelligence estimate.

The report was published by the Intelligence Ministry in the vein of the type of reports issued in the United States and other Western countries. A copy was obtained by The Jerusalem Post.

According to the report, the world is on the verge of a cliff and is likely to be struck by a variety of crises affecting all aspects of life.

Recommendations from a team of eight experts who wrote the report addressed all critical areas related to national power and resilience, including, but going far beyond, mere military power.

These recommendations focused on advancing key geopolitical alliances, serving as a geopolitical and technological bridge between countries and preemptively filling potential gaps in national resilience.

Some of the “danger” areas discussed were health, energy and water.

What did the report say about Israel?

The report also recognized a major change in Israel’s status since evolving from an energy-weak country to energy independent with the find – in recent decades – of natural gas in its maritime coastal areas.

Full story https://www.jpost.com/israel-news/article-725248

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