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FBI and Homeland Security Concerned About Copycat Terror Attacks in the US

ABC News Transcript for FBI and Homeland Security Concerned About Copycat Terror Attacks in the US New FBI alert tonight for Americans right here at home just as millions now travel for Thanksgiving. The FBI and Homeland Security very concerned about the potential. For copycat terror attack here in the US after Paris. The warning involves beefing up security at so called soft targets trains airports across the country. And at malls as well. A heavy police presence from New York to Miami to Los Angeles tonight. ABC senior justice correspondent Pierre Thomas with the strongly awarded alert this evening warning attackers could quote replicate terrorists using similar weapons. And tactics. In Washington's Union Station today and unmistakable show force. Eating scene from lower Manhattan this week. FBI and Homeland Security officials today during their most urgent concerns in that new bulletin to police across the country. Homegrown radicals inspired or directed by Syria...

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'We will be coming, we will come to crush your country': Homegrown French ISIS fighters issue threat of new attacks on France

By Sam Tonkin and Brendan Cole For Mailonline Homegrown French ISIS fighters have issued a chilling threat of new attacks on France just 24 hours after the terrorist group used movie footage of the Eiffel Tower's collapse in another video. A balaclava-clad militant is seen warning 'we will be coming, we will come to crush your country' in footage posted on Twitter earlier today. It is unclear where the film was shot, but the man tells the camera: 'Hey you, François [Hollande], you declared a war that you cannot win, you will not be able to win, you promise victory for your people that is for the people of the West. '[But] the victory has been promised to us by our creator, by our Lord.' Prior to that he says: 'This is something that you do not want to happen. We will be coming, we will come to crush your country.' Yesterday...

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Vladimir Putin slams Turkey for shooting down Russian warplane near Syrian border

Syria rebels say they shot, killed one Russian pilot as he parachuted, fate of other pilot unknown The Associated Press Russian President Vladimir Putin has called Turkey's decision to down a Russian warplane near the Syria border a "stab in the back." Speaking at a meeting in Sochi, Russia with Jordan's King Abdullah, Putin on Tuesday accepted his condolences on the death of a Russian pilot who was reportedly captured and dead. Putin said the Russian SU-24 jet was shot by a missile from a Turkish jet over Syria about one kilometre away from the Turkish border, which he described as a "stab in the back by the terrorists' accomplices." Putin warned that the incident would have "significant consequences" for its relations with Turkey and criticized Ankara for turning to NATO to discuss the incident instead of first explaining to Russia what happened. Turkey claimed that its F-16s fired on the Russian plane after it...

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Paris Attack Suspects Changed When They 'Stopped Drinking and Started Praying,' Brother Says

By Louise Dewast and Emily Shapiro Two brothers suspected of being involved in the Paris terror attacks that killed 130 people began to change roughly six months before when they "stopped drinking and started praying," their brother told Belgian broadcasting network RTBF. Mohamed Abdeslam told RTBF he saw his brothers Salah, a fugitive, and Brahim, a suicide bomber who officials said died on Boulevard Voltaire, two or three days before they left. He said the pair told their mother they were going skiing sometime before the attacks in Paris last Friday. "I didn't notice anything. There were no goodbyes," said Mohamed Abdeslam.   Paris Fugitive Seemed 'Extremely Angry' After Attacks, Friend Says     Friends Say ISIS Paris Fugitive Called Them; Desperate, Hiding in Brussels     Second Paris Stadium Suicide Bomber Also Traveled Through Greece, French Officials Say   He said his brothers "started changing maybe six months ago." "[They]...

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Brussels lockdown: Belgian police arrest 16 in anti-terror raids

BBC News Belgian police have made 16 arrests in anti-terror raids, but suspected Paris attacks gunman Salah Abdeslam remains at large, the authorities have said. Some 22 raids were carried out Sunday across Brussels and Charleroi, the federal prosecutor's spokesman said. Brussels remains on the highest level of terror alert. Universities, schools and the metro system will stay closed on Monday. More than 130 died and 350 were injured in the Paris attacks 10 days ago. Police fired two shots at a car during an operation in the Brussels district of Molenbeek, injuring one suspect who was later arrested. No weapons or explosives were found during the searches on Sunday, spokesman Eric Van Der Sypt told a news conference. UK Prime Minister David Cameron is in Paris for talks with French President Francois Hollande, where he said the two leaders had agreed to step up co-operation on countering international terrorism, including...

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MSNBC Terror in Paris

Security Solutions International's Henry Morgenstern speaks to MSNBC on the Paris Terror Attacks

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The doomsday ideology of ISIS