Hospital First Receiver



Health and safety training for hospital personnel. Peer reviewed ... Provides at least eight hours of training in the competencies required by OSHA for healthcare personnel to be certified at the Operations Level.


An incident involving mass casualties from a hazardous material or WMD event would place healthcare facilities and staff at risk of contamination. This training package includes 4 safety training videos/DVDs plus an Instructor Guide and Workbook.

The four modules are

  • Recognizing Contaminated Patients
  • Hospital Incident Command System (HICS)
  • Self Protection
  • Patient Decontamination
Benefits of the package:
  • 8 hours of Operations Level Training
  • Follows JCAHO’s accreditation standards for decontamination and emergency planning
  • Follows the guidelines of OSHA’s Best Practices for Hospital-Based First Receivers
  • Explains and portrays the use of ICS within a healthcare environment that is consistent with the most recent revision of the Hospital Incident Command System
  • Helps healthcare facilities integrate with the National Incident Management System (NIMS)
  • Provides Awareness training that is appropriate for all healthcare personnel (Module 1)
  • Provides in-depth training on the use of protective clothing and respiratory protection (Module 3)

Items In Series
Safety safety Hospital Incident Management System
Hospital Incident Command System
Learn how to integrate HICS with the National Incident Management System

Safety safety Mass casualty decontamination for hospitals
Patient Decontamination
Follows the Joint Commission's accreditation standards for decontamination and emergency planning

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Self Protection - JCAHO  Compliance
Self Protection
Learn how to select the proper PPE to avoid exposure to contaminated patients

Safety safety Hospital First Receiver training in decontamination  competencies
Recognizing Contaminated Patients
Identify patients who may have been contaminated with dangerous substances.