Hazmat Operations



Note: Includes a Guide that outlines an 8-hour training course in Operations Level competencies.

Operations Level responders are trained to respond in a defensive manner:

  • Respond to the emergency
  • Assess the nature of the incident
  • Notify other involved parties
  • Request additional assistance when needed
  • Implement initial defensive actions
The package comprises five videos or DVDs plus a Leader's Guide* and teaches the core competencies required for certification at the Operations Level. It helps set up a program to apply the lessons learned to your jurisdiction or facility.

The series is intended to teach competencies in the following areas:

  • Gathering information about the incident and interpreting that information
  • Understanding of hazardous materials containers
  • Basic hazard and risk assessment techniques
  • Analyzing a hazardous materials incident to understand the magnitude of the problem and the potential harm posed by the incident
  • Planning an initial response based on the capabilities and competencies of available personnel and equipment
  • Implementing the response plan by controlling the scene, initiating ICS, using protective equipment, and performing defensive actions
  • Performing basic control, containment and/or confinement activities
  • Evaluating the progress of actions taken
  • Performing necessary decontamination.
  • Also valuable for annual refresher training! See product descriptions below.
Items In Series
Safety safety operations level training
Sizing up the incident site and gathering information.

Safety safety hazmat containers
Hazmat Containers
The most comprehensive study of hazmat containers anywhere!

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Forecasting Events - All  Hazmat/Hazwoper
Forecasting Events
Influencing the sequence of events to lead to a safe and successful termination of the incident

Safety safety operations level training
Organizing the Response
The Incident Command System, determining objectives

Safety safety operations level training
Implementing defensive actions at the incident scene