DVD Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident



This series includes eight videos or DVDs. Narrated by Greg Noll and Mike Hildebrand, authors of the text by the same name!

Operations Level, Technician Level & Command Level training for hazardous materials incidents, as required by OSHA's Hazwoper law and NFPA 472. Based on the highly-regarded manual, Hazardous Materials: Managing the Incident, this series is a valuable resource for fire fighters, hazmat teams, bomb squads, industrial emergency response teams and other emergency responders who may deal with unplanned hazardous materials leaks, spills or fire during the course of their work.

Narrated by Mike Hildebrand and Greg Noll, this series illustrates the ideas behind the eight-step process in a series of videos intended to accompany their book.

With nearly three hours of video, this series is useful for helping to satisfy the training requirements of OSHA's Hazwoper rule as well as NFPA 471 and NFPA 472. See individual program titles below.

Items In Series
Safety safety Emergency Film Group Site Management and Control -  All Hazmat/Hazwoper
Site Management and Control
Pre-planning to set up a systematic, coordinated approach to a hazmat accident.

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Identifying the Problem - All  Hazmat/Hazwoper
Identifying the Problem
How to determine the general hazard class or chemical family of the hazmat involved in an incident

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Hazard and Risk Evaluation -  All Hazmat/Hazwoper
Hazard and Risk Evaluation
How to analyze risks and determine response objectives

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Protective Clothing and  Equipment - All Colleges & Universities
Protective Clothing and Equipment
The different types of protective clothing and equipment used by the hazmat responder

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Information Management and  Resource Coordination - All Hazmat/Hazwoper
Information Management and Resource Coordination
Gathering and evaluating information needed to manage a hazmat incident

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Implementing Response  Objectives - All Hazmat/Hazwoper
Implementing Response Objectives
How the incident commander implements the best available strategic goals and tactical objectives t

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Decontamination - All  Hazmat/Hazwoper
Decontamination of persons and equipment after leaving the hot zone. are covered, including dilution

Safety safety Emergency Film Group Terminating the Incident - All  Hazmat/Hazwoper
Terminating the Incident
The transition phase between the end of the emergency and the start of restoration and recovery