Highlights of SSI’s Advanced Homeland Security Training in Israel

Day 6

May 2015 Mission.

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Protecting Universities against attacks like Virginia Tech, Columbine, and horrors like Beslan, is one of the most important issues in Security. The Participants had much to learn from Gal Nir of Scopus who has conducted drills for entire municipalities in the USA, Ukraine, Australia and more. An entire day was devoted to this including a visit to one of the best examples of tight Israeli security – The Weitzman Institute, one of the world’s most famous science universities with multiple Nobel Prize winners. As the Head of Security told the participants:” we are not relying on anyone to save us but for terror, fire, medical emergency – we handle everything right here. Amazing equipment and wonderful day.

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Yaron, head of security, gives out unit patches and badges
Weitzman emblem
Participants learn how the Security staff can cope with any event without outside assistance
Participants are treated to a close up of the Weitzmman Security and Safety Headquarters
Participants are blown away by the Weitzman Science hall exhibits
Gal Nir was our host for the day looking at the issue of school and university safety