DVD Terrorism Package for EMS-Public Health

Terrorism Training for Public Health


Terrorism Package for EMS/Public Health
Package Savings – Save $810!

8 videos or DVDs plus three Guides and 10 texts prepare healthcare and public health personnel to respond to hazmat and WMD events!
  • Terrorism: Medical Response
  • Terrorism: Biological Weapons
  • Hospital First Receiver (4 titles)
  • Mass Decon
  • Medical Operations at HazMat Incidents
  • Emergency Care for HazMat Exposure (text)
  • PDR Guide to Biological & Chemical Warfare (text)
  • EMS Field Guide, ALS version (text)
  • EMS Field Guide, Bsic & Intermediate version (text)
  • Jane's Mass Casualty Handbook: Hospital (text)
  • Jane's Mass Casualty Handbook: Pre-Hospital (text)
  • Medical Response to WMD Incidents